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Companies that excel at inventory management squeeze the most profit—and customer satisfaction—from the smallest quantity of stock. And, as those efficient organisations demonstrate, efficiently managing inventory is all about data: purchases, reorders, shipping, warehousing, storage, receiving, customer satisfaction, loss prevention, stock turnover, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

You need a system that can help you plan for expansion and give you a heads up on brewing demand changes, especially with today's supply-chain issues. Stock-outs are the last thing you want, as they will drive clients to your competition.

3. Do my sales and customer service teams have the information they need to give excellent service?

With today's technology, all team members should be able to access data on inventory levels at any time. Not only what's on hand right now, but where it is, what's on the way, and how quickly it can be in the hands of a consumer.

How ERP Inventory Management Software can benefits your Business

How ERP Inventory Management Benefits Your Business

ERP systems use a range of data sources to assist businesses better analyse the performance of different SKUs, among other things. Organizations utilise this information to make better educated buying decisions and more accurate forecasts in order to fulfil future demand without overstocking.

Other advantages of integrating ERP with inventory management include the following::

● Supply chain transparency: When a company's back-end systems are integrated well and it communicates directly with its partners, it can avoid unpleasant surprises like a critical component coming late or being priced higher than the product warrants. Order and shipment information can also be synced with integrated ERP systems.

● Improved reporting: Accurate inventory data allows decision-makers to fully exploit data-driven insights such as top-performing SKUs, landed cost of goods sold (COGS), and sales by location and channel. ERPs provide for personalised reports and, as a result, accurate and usable data, without taking up a lot of time.

● More accurate counts: Excess inventory, shortages, planned replenishment, obsolete inventory, and indicators like average turnover rate and COGS are all tracked and reported by ERP systems. The system tracks and reports on product transfers via shipping and receiving at the warehouse.


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