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Why Must FMCG Companies Use ERP

Due to their narrow profit margins, FMCG companies cannot afford to miss any sales chances. With the aid of real-time data, ERP software can serve as a fundamental platform and increase the likelihood of success.

1 Automated Business Process

In the modern world, automating company procedures is essential. The elimination of numerous gaps in the business process is made possible through automation, which makes activities like procurement, financing, sales, and delivery simpler.

2 Customization

Customisation is regarded as a crucial component of any effective ERP. Oracle NetSuite provides highly customisable modules that are ideal for your company. The software can handle promotions, logistical requirements, and processes like FIFO (First in First out) and LIFO (Last in First out).

3 Real Time Data

Real-time data will be accessible to organisations with the use of cloud-based ERP software. This is significant because organisations employ real-time data to monitor their operational procedures and make data-driven decisions. Consider a situation where your rival is able to inform the customer of the order's status in real-time, but you are hampered by a legacy technology that is unable to do the same

Benefits of ERP

By integrating an ERP system into your company, you may increase efficiency while also automating business processes.

Advanced Inventory Management

In the FMCG sector, maintaining stock levels is a crucial task. Your company will have more control over inventory management and guarantee inventory availability if you install an ERP system. This can be achieved by setting up inventory system notifications that will activate when a specified stock level is reached.

Prompt Delivery

Customer happiness is the ultimate objective of businesses in the FMCG sector. ERP solutions can assist in removing operational bottlenecks and enhancing customer product delivery. The technology makes sure of this by streamlining all associated processes, leading to precise production.



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