Food ERP

Features of ERP for Food Processing Industry

The FDA and FSSAI regulations have been taken into consideration when designing and developing the features and functionalities of this ERP software for the food processing business.

  • 1.Control of Recipes and Formulas
  • 2.Costing for Materials and Packages
  • 3.Lot Recall and Bi-directional Lot Traceability
  • 4.Management of Allergens
  • 5.Master Production Scheduling
  • 6.Material Requirement Planning
  • 7.Quality Assurance
  • 8.Quality Control
  • 9.Supplier/ Vendor Management
  • 10.Shelf Life Determination

Benefits of Food and Beverage ERP Systems

Software for food and beverage producers offers a wide range of advantages. Here are a couple of them to look at:

  • ⦁`Being a food ERP software that aids in product manufacturing with assurance in accordance with current market trends.
  • ⦁`You can deliver new items to the market faster and more affordably than rivals thanks to this specially designed food manufacturing software.
  • ⦁`Absolute adherence to the food safety rules is ensured by an ERP system for the food business.
  • ⦁`Reduce expenses through improved resource utilisation, inventory control, and decreased waste.
  • ⦁`aids in delivering safe, high-quality items at the appropriate time and pricing.
  • ⦁`Using our ERP software for food manufacturing, you can increase consumer loyalty and repeat business.
  • ⦁`aids in achieving full, two-way traceability from raw materials to completed goods.
  • ⦁`The operational effectiveness of your manufacturing process is increased by using food production software
  • ⦁`helps to maximise productivity by using "Current Good Manufacturing Practises" in the current configuration.
  • ⦁`total command over your company through access to manufacturing, sales, and distribution data in real-time
  • ⦁`Our ERP for the food processing sector enables production plan conversion and sales order forecasting.



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